Happy New Year! 


We welcome all to the inaugural issue of the first CommUNITY-based iNPN public media. NPN USA incorporated is a Florida 501(c)3 corporation, a new public “Blue Ocean“ media. 


The vision-mission-goal of NPN USA is to develop a community-based, nationwide public iMedia website network and a syndication starting with this first internet issue in Florida, the iNPN - TAMPA - Downtown.


iNPN - Tampa - Downtown consists of the following communities: City Center - Armature Works - University of Tampa - Hyde Park - Davis Islands - Harbour Island - Water Street - Channel District. 


NPN USA launched in 2020, is headquartered in downtown Tampa, Florida. 

National Public Radio ( NPR ) launched in 1971, is still headquartered in downtown Washington, DC. The Public Broadcasting Service ( PBS ) launched in 1970 is still located in Arlington, Virginia. 

NPN USA inc. in Tampa Florida is totally independent of other news and information sources. We complete what we call the “ National Public Media Triad ”. 


We define The Public Media Triad to include: The National Public Broadcast Service - television (PBS), National Public Radio ( NPR ) and others and now in Tampa, the first National Public Newspapers ( NPN ). 

Our iNPN Motto - TIP - Truth In Print 


Major objectives of NPN are to help create a loving appreciation for our communities and to help buttress against the shrinking media and media consolidation. 


We invite freelancers, photography, poetry, music, artwork, sponsorsadvertising, subscriptions,donations, classifieds, community information and interests, events, happenings, personals, business offers, ideas, innovations, entrepreneur content, meetups and real-time participation from all who live, work, play, do business in 

downtown Tampa.


For more information: Cornelius neil Cosentino, owner, publisher, editor, of iNPN-Tampa-Downtown. 813-784-4669 C/T  npnusa@gmail.com



Disclaimer: NPN USA inc. publishing is totally independent and not affiliated with or contracted by any organization including PBS/WEDU and NPR/WUSF and others in Tampa.  While our motto  and corporate objective is Truth-In-Print TIP, content and information may appear in issues of the NPN USA network affiliates from all sources does not necessarily reflect the views of NPN USA publishing or its' NPN affiliates. In addition neither NPN USA, its' affiliates nor NPN publishers may be held liable or responsible for others content. We follow and practice the same media scrutiny as other for profit media, and other PBS and NPR media.